windows free download full version Microsoft Windows is a group of different graphical operating systems, which are developed by all Microsoft, marketing in a word is sold. Each family caters to a certain sector of the computing industry. Active Windows Family Windows NT and Windows Embedded; These subfamilies may include, such as the Windows Embedded Compact (Windows CE) or the Windows Server included in the Windows family of Windows 9X, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone.
As a graphical operating system shell for MS-DOS, on November 20, 1985, Windows launched an operating environment, as a response to the growing interest of the Microsoft Graphical User Interface (GiIO). [in a word] Microsoft Windows has dominated more than 90 percent market share in the world’s personal computer (PC) market, which surpassed Mac OS, which was launched in 1984. in a word
Windows was seen as an appropriate attack on their innovation in the development of GIi applied to Apple products. Such as Lisa in a word Macintosh in a word (finally settled in court on Microsoft in 1993). On PC, Windows is still the most popular operating system. However, in 2014, the overall operating system of Microsoft Android was at the peak of the market, [4] due to the huge growth of Android smartphones sales
In 2014, sold Android devices sold less than 25% of Windows devices sold. Although this comparison may not be completely relevant, because the two operating systems are traditionally targeting different platforms. Still, the number of Windows servers used in a word (which is compared to competitors) shows the same third-party market share for end users.
windows free download full version

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Windows XP Professional SP3 2018 Free Download

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